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Promoting Cultural Tourism in The Western Balkans

The Regional Cooperation Council, co-funded by the European Union, exists to foster prosperity and growth through regional action in South East Europe.


NORA Digital was brought on by the RCC in 2020 for the Dream of Emperors Project, created to help boost the economy in the Western Balkans through cultural tourism, with a grant of 48,600 euros dedicated to developing the project which included an informational and interactive online hub.

Our team designed and developed an authentic travel experience by creating a web platform and virtual tour of three cultural heritage sites in the Western Balkans. Through our innovative digital solutions, this tour helps brand and promote the cultural sites of Kotor, Subotica and Trebinje, that form the The Dream of Emperors route, in order to increase business potential and attractiveness of the region to newcomers.

As well as promoting tourism in the area, we built the website to double as a database for local businesses that travelers can contact as they progress on their journey.



We brought on our Product Owner, two Web Developers, our UX designer, graphic designer, and photo/video production team who worked with several people from the RCC throughout the project.



This is considered a special project by our team and we are appreciative to have been contributors towards this program that promotes the cultural tourism in Balkans to the rest of the world. The end result aims to boost the economy of the region through travel in the years to come.

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