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Rebel Nell

Rebel Nell is a Detroit based women-owned and run social enterprise conceptualized and co-founded by CEO Amy Peterson, that provides training and employment to women seeking self sufficiency and employment opportunity through the making and selling of Jewellery made from recycled materials.


We were brought on to provide e-commerce management and advertising services for the company’s existing online presence. We took on the responsibility of running the Shopify store for Rebel Nell, managing their e-commerce store, inventory, and consulting the team on how to navigate and present their SEO optimized content on their landing pages. Furthermore, we developed a customized order generator on their website that enables shoppers to build their own jewelry products.



Our Ecommerce Manager, Web Developer and Web Designer were engaged to support the team of 15-20 people at Rebel Nell during the duration of this collaboration.



Part of our mission statement is to work with organizations that make a difference through giving back to the communities they are a part of. Helping women through Rebel Nell’s outreach program was an honor. Our expertise provided the necessary improvements that helped the site run faster, created a smoother user experience and thus increased sales.

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