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Web Operations for HTEC Group

Maestral is a leading software product development house now part of the HTEC group, based out of the US and the Balkans.


Maestral came to us in search of a web development team that would be dedicated solely to providing web operations and design services to their in-house marketing department. With a growing market, their 500+ software developers had been focused on servicing their new clients, with no consistent presence available to maintain their own platforms (Maestral, Mistral, and Paragon).

At the time of our engagement, Maestral was expanding into the Romanian market. As tasked by the CTO, our first challenge was to migrate their existing site to a new hosting provider and custom build their new websites.

Penetration testers audited the site we built for Mistral and Maestral, giving us specific problems to remedy, a first for us working with professional hackers, and a fun challenge for our team.

Over the course of a year-long engagement with Maestral, we also worked on, a learning platform for training the new generation of full-stack web developers, rebuilding the website and the admissions test.



Our Web Designer, Web Developer and Project Manager engaged to work together with Maestral’s large marketing team, which consisted of dozens of people from the CTO, to the Chief Communications Officer, the Head of Marketing, and various Content Managers.

Communication was via Jira and Microsoft Teams, with Trello used to manage tasks.



We are proud that NORA Digital worked for one of the leading software outsourcing companies in the region, and that we successfully established a great working relationship with Meastral via our communication skills, excellent recommendations and IT support. Our contribution significantly improved the online visibility and security of their WordPress websites.

We are especially proud we provided support during a key period of expansion for their company.

I was very impressed with their communication skills and commitment to client satisfaction. The client’s website was well-built and maintained by NORA Digital. They communicated via Microsoft Teams and used Trello to manage tasks. In addition, the client was impressed with the team’s communication skills and excellent recommendations, which significantly improved their online visibility. Azra Saric Country Director, HTEC Group

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